We offer complete one stop shop services. This way you no longer need to organize the project yourself. We take care of all the details from start to finish.


We have the ability to produce a variety of cosmetic forms: cream, gel, ointment, floral water, micellar water, serum, face mask, body cream, face cream, shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner, toothpaste, milk cleanser, body milk, liquid soap, essential and vegetable oils, foundation, scrub, massage oil, sunscreen, hair styling products, product samples… If your project is not in the list above do not hesitate to contact us for a custom formula.


At this stage we establish all the details of the project. The recipe, graphics and other aspects of the project will be unique to your brand, according to your marketing strategy.


It is a very interesting stage and the beginning of your journey towards a product on the market. Our team will guide you through a process as effortless as possible. We will assist you in the selection of raw materials and we will perform samples to help you in the final decision.

Notification on the EU market

This stage consists in the elaboration of the product file, of the safety report and the notification on the CPNP – EU portal.

Specialized analyzes

Any cosmetic product must present the physico-chemical and microbiological analyzes in parameters indicated by the legislation and in the term of validity. In addition to the mandatory tests we offer a lot of dermatological tests such as efficacy tests, hydration, anti-wrinkle, allergens and others. For the complete offer please contact us. All tests are performed by the most modern methods / devices available in a certified laboratory for this purpose.


The production area is equipped with new state-of-the-art equipment in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The emulsifier with a capacity of 160 kg of finished product, depending on turbo and vacuum agitation, helps us to obtain products of superior quality and stability.

The liquid products are obtained in a dedicated machine equipped with the option of mixing and heating the product. The dosing of the preparations is done either with semi-automatic dispensers of 5-100ml or 20-200ml, or with an automatic dosing line.

It can also be opted for packaging in simple or laminated tubes, this operation is possible due to a fully automatic unit for dosing and sealing the tubes.

To print the batch and the validity on your product we use an industrial EBS ink-jet printing system.

Product labeling is done using two semi-automatic labeling systems. For smaller quantities, special labels or more difficult to apply, you benefit from the quality of the impeccable manual labeling offered by our team.

Envelope / sample products are obtained with the help of a dedicated unit which, in addition to filling and sealing, applies the data related to the batch and validity on the product. The material used is laminated and the volume of an envelope can be 2-10ml. Samples are customized double-sided with customer-approved graphics.


Packaging is one of the key factors in the success of your project. That’s why you can choose between:

-vials with pump, pipette, foam pump, disc-top or flip-top made of recyclable plastic, glass, wood or metal.

– simple or rolled tubes

– crucible jars made of recyclable plastic, glass, wood, metal.

-Airless packaging made of recyclable plastic or acrylic, glass or metal.

-product samples (2-10ml)

There are many types of packaging available on the market. If you want a personalized one, do not hesitate to contact us.

Any of the packaging we provide can be customized either by applying a label or by direct printing of graphics on the packaging – OFFSET or PRINTSCREEN. Metallic effects such as gold, silver, copper or bronze can also be obtained through HOT STAMP.

Packaging, raw materials and finished materials management

In order not to have in mind the orders and the movement of the stocks related to the raw materials and the packaging used for your project, we take care of the storage, management and replenishment of the stocks. Finished products can be stored in our warehouse until you need them.


When the production process is completed, the products can be palletized or packaged collectively in cardboard. We take care of finding the best transport offer, and with your consent the products are carefully packaged and shipped.