Customers – using years of technological experience in developing innovative and sustainable products

StartUp Skincare

We know that you are at the beginning of the road, that’s why we will help you in all aspects of your project so that your idea materializes exactly as you imagined it. We have all the means to make your dream come true as simple and easy as possible.

Well-known brands

Our team will take care of all aspects to shorten the production and delivery time as much as possible. Pre-production tester samples can be made from new or existing products owned by the customer to later scale into production. Post-production we offer specialized storage, delivery and analysis services.

Professionals in cosmetology, medicine, pharmacy.

If you want to launch your secret recipe or design a product from scratch, our team will help you with both the development, production, packaging and clinical trials of the finished product. Through studies, dermatological and clinical tests, the effectiveness of the products can be proven and found in every product.

Hotels & SPA

We develop a wide range of toiletries specific to the HoReCa industry. We can deliver sanitizing gel, shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel and many other products in 5-5000ml containers or 2-10ml sachets.

Clean Brands, Organic, Vegan

Green Lab Cosmetics forums as much as possible with a focus on organic and natural ingredients and recyclable or reusable packaging. This way your promise to the customer can be kept and the environmental footprint kept to a minimum.